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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

This Scratch secret will make your project 10x faster

 Scratch is a neat program for creating games, animations, and more, but there is always one trade off - 

It's too slow!

Although Scratch is great, being capped off at 30 FPS is pretty limiting... 

But what if I told you there is a way to multiply your project speed 1000x? You do not have to use anything crazy like Turbo-Warp or Turbo-Mode or weird hacked blocks either.


First, go to the My Blocks area. 
You should be able to find it on the sidebar of the editor.

Then, click Make a Block. You can design the block however you want, the important part is clicking the "Run without screen refresh" button.
This will ensure that the project the block will run as fast as possible.

Now under the Define hat, place the code that you want to run faster.

Now once you use this block, rather than running at 30 FPS, the code under it will run as fast as the computer and browser will allow it. You can easily see how must faster it will run. I made an example, circle drawing program. With the Run without screen refresh block, the circles are drawn as soon as you click the green flag. But without it, you can see that it takes much longer.

You can end up doing a lot of things with this, including:
  • Fast image scanning
  • Advanced graphics
  • Extremely fast algorithms and calculations
  • Intensive projects
I'm currently working on a lot of cool stuff with this (Like AI algorithms!)

So hopefully this will help you too, if you decide to get into advanced stuff, as I don't see very many people talking about this.

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